County Administrator

Anita Speckman serves as the Kankakee County Administrator who oversees all operations for non-elected departments and divisions in Kankakee County government. In an effort to provide the most fiscally responsible services to Kankakee County residents and taxpayers, the County Administrator also serves as the chief executive responsible for implementing policies and procedures set by the County Board. 

Some of the primary responsibilities of the County Administrator include:

  • Coordinate and/or collaborate countywide activities involving departments not led by an elected official.
  • Safeguard the assets of the County with the review and analysis of County liability, property and casualty, workers compensation, and other necessary insurance programs, making recommendations to the County Board. Serves as the primary contact for risk management claims and potential claims to protect County interests.
  • Ensures recruitment, selections, termination, promotion and all employment activities comply with Federal and State employment laws, as well as encourages equal opportunities and a conducive environment for current and potential County employees.
  • Acts as a primary negotiator for the County in all collectively bargained negotiations.
  • Researches and provides information to the County Board members as requested.
  • Develops policies and procedures for Board consideration and adoption.