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Kankakee County operates under the township form of government. The Kankakee County governing body is the County Board. Its primary function is to establish the various budgets of the county funds and to levy taxes for county purposes. Also, the County Board adopts ordinances and rules pertaining to the management and business of the county departments.

Kankakee County is comprised of 28 County Board districts. Click here to view the County Board districts map. One County Board member is elected from each district for a four-year term. Half of the Board is elected every two years. The Chairman of the Board is elected by the County Board members for a two-year term. 

The County Board meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 9 AM  in the 4th floor Board Room at the Administration Building located at 189 East Court Street in the City of Kankakee. A special meeting may be called at any time upon submission to the County Clerk of a petition signed by at least one-third of the members. Only specific business may take place at the special meeting call.

The County Board is comprised of six standing committees, which meet regularly throughout each month. A Board member serves on at least two standing committees. With the concurrence of the Board, the Chairman makes appointments of all committees and various other boards and commissions.


  1. Matt Alexander-Hildebrand

    Matt Alexander-Hildebrand

    Phone: 815-351-0339

    District: 16

    Party: Republican

  1. Heather Bryan

    Heather Bryan

    Phone: 815-386-2533

    District: 23

    Party: Democrat

  1. Antonio Carrico

    Antonio Carrico

    Phone: 815-603-9423

    District: 22

    Party: Republican

  1. Jacob Collins

    Jacob Collins

    Phone: 815-690-2435

    District: 13

    Party: Libertarian

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    Colton Ekhoff

    Phone: 815-592-3336

    District: 2

    Party: Republican

  1. Robert Ellington-Snipes

    Robert Ellington-Snipes

    Phone: 815-932-0963

    District: 18

    Party: Democrat

  1. Raymond Fairfield

    Raymond Fairfield

    Phone: 815-955-8756

    District: 6

    Party: Republican

  1. Footer Logo

    John Fetherling

    Phone: 815-468-6435

    District: 7

    Party: Republican

  1. Footer Logo

    Michael Gowler

    Phone: 815-295-7450

    District: 12

    Party: Republican

  1. Chad Miller

    Chad Miller

    Phone: 815-928-8121

    District: 25

    Party: Republican

  1. Roger Hess

    Roger Hess

    Phone: 815-472-6170

    District: 1

    Party: Republican

  1. Kimberly Hudson

    Kimberly Hudson

    Phone: 815-348-2282

    District: 15

    Party: Democrat

  1. Steven Hunter

    Steven Hunter

    Phone: 815-933-2605

    District: 17

    Party: Democrat

  1. Larry Kerkstra

    Larry Kerkstra

    Phone: 815-214-9734

    District: 21

    Party: Democrat

  1. Stephen Liehr

    Stephen Liehr

    Phone: 815-933-3554

    District: 28

    Party: Republican

  1. Craig Long

    Craig Long

    Phone: 815-263-7008

    District: 9

    Party: Republican

  1. Alice Tinker Parker

    Alice Tinker Parker

    Phone: 815-933-6762

    District: 5

    Party: Republican

  1. Footer Logo

    Rosemary Foster

    Phone: 815-644-4026

    District: 4

    Party: Democrat

  1. Janis Peters

    Janis Peters

    Phone: 815-468-7012

    District: 8

    Party: Republican

  1. Patricia Polk

    Patricia Polk

    Phone: 815-685-9220

    District: 19

    Party: Democrat

  1. Footer Logo

    Erik Rayman

    Phone: 815-549-1464

    District: 20

    Party: Republican

  1. Todd Sirois

    Todd Sirois

    Phone: 815-427-9817

    District: 3

    Party: Republican

  1. Kenneth Smith

    Kenneth Smith

    Phone: 815-507-4377

    District: 27

    Party: Republican

  1. Joseph Swanson

    Joseph Swanson

    Phone: 815-693-0888

    District: 14

    Party: Republican

  1. Footer Logo

    Chris Tholen

    Phone: 815-936-9049

    District: 10

    Party: Republican

  1. Carol Webber

    Carol Webber

    Phone: 815-426-2421

    District: 11

    Party: Republican

  1. Capture

    Andrew Wheeler

    Phone: 815-954-5085

    District: 26

    Party: Republican